Student Representative on Board of Trustees

A student election takes place each year, electing the student representative on the Sacred Heart College Board of Trustees.


16 August 2018
Nominations are now open for the election of one student representative to the Board of Trustees.

Nomination forms are available to all eligible voters on the student roll and can be obtained from the school office or Mrs Hall, the Returning Officer

Nominations close at 12 noon on Thursday 30 August 2018.

Candidates are invited to provide a profile that will be available to voters.  For more information read here or/and see Mrs Hall.

Candidates will also have the opportunity to present to the student body at assemblies on Monday 3 September and Wednesday 5 September 2018.

Student Representative 2017-2018


Tanmeet Singh      


This week ...

HV Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday, 20 August

Staff only day - school closed

Tuesday, 21 August

- Senior Subject Selection Starts
7.15pm - Yr 11 Drama Trip to Circa

Wednesday, 22 August

8.30am - Student School Leadership Applications Due
9.00am - Sport & Cultural Photos all day
1.30pm - United States Scholarships Presentation
3.30pm - Maori Achieve (3.30-4.30pm) A1
3.30pm - Big Sister Programme (3.30-5.00pm) Library
7.00pm - Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday, 23 August

- Yr 13 PED Trip Cancelled due to Weather
3.30pm - Study/Homework Club (3.30-4.30pm) Library

Friday, 24 August

Mufti Day - Mental Health Awareness (wear purple)
10.30am - Yr 11 HIS & SJS Trip
1.30pm - Yr 9 Sports Academy (Gym)

Saturday, 25 August

Sunday, 26 August