Bus Timetables

METLINK SERVICE CENTRE   Phone: 0800 801 700

School buses operate from Upper Hutt, Stokes Valley, Petone, Eastbourne and Wainuiomata.  All students using buses are under the leadership of Bus Monitors (selected from Year 13 students).  At 3.20pm students should make their way to their bus and sit in a seat.  If your bus is not at the stop please wait inside the school grounds.  You should follow the instructions of senior students and the duty teacher. 

Students should remember that they represent the College when they are on the buses and ALL school rules apply, including correct uniform.  Good manners are expected, especially on public transport services.

School regulations apply not only during school time, but while in school uniform or when students are representing the school.

Please be aware that most routes do not have early buses on Tuesdays for 2018.

Payment for travel on Metlink school bus with Snapper

50% discount for school students – from Sunday 15 July 2018

From Sunday 15 July 2018, all school students will receive a 50% discount on the equivalent adult fare. This is available when using:

  • a Snapper card on buses with a Child Concession applied to it – see below to find out how to apply for a child concession
  • a Concession 10-trip ticket on rail
  • Concession 10-trip ticket on ferry
  • a Child Monthly or Child MonthlyPlus pass for rail
  • a Child Event ticket for rail
  • when paying by cash (when using cash the discount may not be exactly 50% of the adult fare, because cash fares are rounded up to the nearest 50c).

School students need to be in school uniform or show a valid school photo ID if requested.

For information on how to apply a child concession onto your Snapper, and how the child concession works, follow this link https://www.metlink.org.nz/on-our-way/snapper/


Note some services have route and time changes as at 4 February 2019.  Click on the links below for Metlink Timetables and select the date.

Metlink Journey Planner is available for travel updates by email or Twitter. This may assist with journeys to and from school.  Read more at My Metlink here.

Upper Hutt Bus

Morning: Route 931

Upper Hutt Station Stop C  7.40amArrives at SHC (via SH2) 8.15am

Morning: Route 924

Upper Hutt Station 7.57amArrives at SHC (via SH2) 8.35am

Morning: Combined St Oran’s/SHC Bus
Route 919

Silverstream Station (Opp St Pat’s) 8.10amArrives at SHC (via SH2/St Oran’s) 8.35am
Afternoon: Sacred Heart College to UH Rail
Route 931

Departs from SHC (Hautana St) leaving at 3.25pm

Afternoon: Sacred Heart College to UH Rail
Route 924

Departs from SHC (Hautana St) leaving at 3.30pm

Afternoon: Combined St Oran’s/SHC to UH Rail
Route 919

Departs from SHC (Hautana St) leaving at 3.25pm

Eastbourne Bus

Morning:                Route 888 – Departs from Eastbourne Bus Terminus leaving at 7.40amArrives at SHC 8.12am          
Afternoon:Route 888 – Departs from SHC (Bellevue Rd) at 3.53pm   

Harbour View Bus (Tirohanga)

Morning:            Route 849 – Departs from Harbour View (at Gaskill Grove) leaving at 7.50amArrives at SHC 8.28am    
Afternoon:Route 849 – Departs from SHC (Hautana St) leaving at 3.25pm

Kelson Bus


Route 842 – Departs from Major Drive at Kaitangata Cres leaving at 7.50am

Arrives at SHC 8.17am    
Afternoon:         Route 846 – Departs from SHC (Hautana St) leaving at 3.25pm

Maungaraki Bus

Morning:              Route 852 – Departs from Maungaraki, Bottom of Dowse Drive leaving at 7.45amArrives at SHC 8.27am       
Afternoon:Route 852 – Departs from SHC (Bellevue Road) leaving at 3.33pm

Maungaraki & Normandale Bus


Route 853 - Departs from Maungaraki , Bottom of Dowse Drive leaving at 7.50am

Arrives at SHC 8.32am     
Afternoon:Route 853 - Departs from SHC (Bellevue Road) leaving at 3.33pm

Petone Bus (Korokoro)

MorningRoute 154 – Departs from Petone Station Stop A leaving at 7.33amArrives at SHC 8.20am
Morning:           Route 854 – Departs from Petone Station Stop B leaving at 8.00am      Arrives at SHC 8.32am 
Afternoon:     Route 854 – Departs from SHC (Bellevue Road) leaving at 3.33pm

Stokes Valley Bus 120

Morning:Route 120 – Public Service departing Stokes Valley at 7.45am (continues to school)Arrives at SHC 8.26am        
Afternoon:             Route 120 – Departs SHC (Bellevue Road) leaving at 3.30pm

Wainuiomata Bus


Route 860 (Wainuiomata North) – Departs Wainuiomata Shopping Centre Fitzherbert Rd leaving at 7.45am

Arrives at SHC 8.25am                   
Morning:Route 866 (Wainuiomata South) – Departs Hine Road leaving at 7.58amArrives at SHC 8.33am
Afternoon:Route 860 (Wainuiomata North) – Departs from SHC (Bellevue Road) leaving at 3.25pm
Afternoon:Route 866 (Wainuiomata South) – Departs from SHC (Bellevue Road) leaving at 3.25pm


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