The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award

General Information

A large proportion of the students at Sacred Heart College are involved in working towards their Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. This challenging scheme fosters the ideas of responsibility, developing personal confidence, teamwork and co-operation, self-discipline, motivation, continuity and community service.

All Year 9 students are encouraged to enrol for Bronze and the success and popularity of this scheme is reflected in the high number of Gold Awards achieved by Year 13 students. In 2015 30 girls were presented with their Gold Awards by the Governor-General.

Expeditions are organised by the College Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award Teacher, Kath McGuinness.

Enrolment, Fees and Costs
The cost for the programme is $125 for each award.

This cost covers registration, log book, administrative costs and resources. An additional cost will occur for your daughter’s expedition/ training, to cover camping ground fees, transport and adult supervision/ assessors.

There is no refund of payments after week 6 in Term 1 2018.

You do not need to go out and buy lots of specialised tramping gear for the expeditions as school has a well-maintained stock of clothing and equipment. But it is good to have the basics like your own trail shoes or boots for tramping, waterproof jacket and a backpack of at least 45L for Bronze, 60L + for Silver/Gold. We can help by providing some tents, stoves and other pieces of equipment.

Hiring Gear
The gear is hired out at minimal cost and information is given out about this when getting ready for expeditions (the cost helps to maintain gear). Students are expected to return the gear at the end of the expedition so the shed can be promptly re-stocked for future expeditions. If gear is returned late, an additional charge will occur. We take no responsibility for students borrowing gear from each other.

Please note: If gear is returned damaged, you will be expected to repair damaged equipment /clothing.

Parent/Guardian Support
Without the support of Parents/Guardians the programme would not run due to the sheer numbers. We would encourage you to take an active interest, perhaps know what your daughter is doing for each section, or maybe if you’re keen and willing enough, assist on the various expeditions, help with transport, or supervising. Any support is appreciated by your daughter, the school and Teacher. However, the Award is the responsibility of your daughter.

To keep you informed, we will publicise upcoming events and dates regularly in the school newsletter, on the website and on our Facebook Page: Sacred Heart College, Lower Hutt. Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award. 

Your daughter will always receive a notice about any upcoming tramp or expedition with all the information you need. If you have a particular question then please feel free to call the DOE Teacher during school hours or email.

So what do the students get out of it at the end?
For those who persevere and complete all the Award requirements – a badge, certificate and the proud fact that they have completed a very important Award is acknowledged and received at presentation evening (Bronze, Silver) in the PAC. Gold Presentation is usually held at Government House.

It’s a great opportunity for discovery and giving things a go – I really encourage you to enrol. It is heaps of fun and the efforts are very rewarding, it is a noteworthy thing to have on your CV.  Today many employers and universities hold it in very high regard.

A brief overview of the time requirements of each of the Awards

Time requirements for award sections


For more information:

Contact Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award Teacher, Kath McGuinness

Visit The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award website

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