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• Instrumental and Vocal Tuition
• School Music Groups
• Performance Opportunities

Instrumental and Vocal Tuition:
We have a fabulous line-up of Itinerant Music teachers who come to our school once a week to teach their specialty instrument, including voice.

The following lessons are offered: Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano and Voice.

One each for:

James Paul: guitar, bass
Dan Yeabsley: bass
Frankie Curac: saxophone, clarinet and group flute
Nick George: drums
Jane Brown: cello and double bass
Sharon Yearsley: singing
Fiona McCabe: private singing
Carole Howe: private piano
HyeWon Kim: violin

Students come out of class for one 30 minute lesson per week. The lesson times are rotated so students miss only a small portion of each subject. Arrangements can be made for senior students to be taught during specified times, such as study periods, before or after school, or lunchtime.

Tuition Costs: 

The school has a limited number of Ministry of Education funded itinerant lesson hours, which only cost an annual resource fee of $50.00. Preference for Ministry of Education funded lessons will be given to Year 9 girls and those students enrolled in option Music classes in Years 10-13. Students who cannot be accommodated with this programme can take private lessons with our itinerant teachers if they wish, which also take place in school time.

Ministry of Education lessons are generally in a group, whereas private lessons are individual. For this reason we strongly encourage option Music students to take private lessons if they can afford it, to get the one-on-one attention it allows.

Instruments for hire:

The school has violins, celli, flutes, clarinets and saxophones for hire if you require it. The cost is $100 per year.

School Music Groups:

Students can play and sing in a wide range of groups:

  • Senior Choir, directed by Rosemary Russell and accompanied by Vivien Reid
  • Junior Choir, directed by Rosemary Russell and accompanied by Vivien Reid
  • Orchestra, directed by Chris Woolley
  • Jazz Combo, directed by James Paul
  • Barbershop Quartet, directed by Sinapi Taeao
  • String Quartet and other Chamber Music combinations, coordinated by Vivien Reid
  • Rock Bands, self-directed
  • Liturgy music group

Performance Opportunities:
Students have the opportunity to perform in a wide range of settings, including the Big Bang (our annual showcase concert), the Big Sing Choral Festival, Rockquest, the National Chamber Music Competition, the Wellington Band and Orchestra Festival, NCEA Performance assessments, assemblies and liturgies. 

This year the Jazz Combo went to the National Youth Jazz Festival in Tauranga over Easter, and will also play at Expose in the Lower Hutt Little Theatre and the Wellington Jazz Festival in August. 

The self-directed rock band ‘State of Endeavour’ will perform at Rockquest and are sounding very exciting. Students are strongly encouraged to be motivated to get their own rock band together as these Year 10 girls have.

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