House System

Sacred Heart College has six houses:

  • Aubert
  • Avila
  • Barbier
  • Lisieux
  • Lourdes
  • Siena

This structure unites the different form levels under one banner and the students participate for their house in such activities as the Athletics Sports, Swimming Sports, Feast Day, House Sports etc. The House Shield is awarded at the Senior Prizegiving to the House who gains the most points throughout the year as a result of their participation in these activities. The House System is important in encouraging students to develop a sense of belonging and a supportive interaction with girls from other year levels.

Our Six Houses are named after remarkable women in the Catholic Church.


Aubert House

Patron:                                              Suzanne Aubert, foundress of the NZ Sisters of CompassionAubert
Symbol:Four Leaf Clover
Feast Day:19 June
Suzanne Aubert reminds us of respect for all those people who are different from us, not only in races but also people with disabilities. She saw God in everything and everyone. Through her teachings we can learn self respect for ourselves and for each other.

Avila House

Patron:Saint Teresa of AvilaAvila

Red Poppy

Feast Day:15 October
Saint Teresa of Avila is the patron of writers. She reminds us of the importance of knowledge in education and faith. Through her teachings we can learn to strive towards success.


Barbier House


Euphrasie Barbier, foundress of the Sisters of our Lady of the Missions




Feast Day:

14 August

Euphrasie Barbier reminds us of the gift of giving. Through faith, vision and courage, the little French woman helped to set up educational ventures. Through her hard work we can benefit and also appreciate the wonderful things we take for granted.


Lisieux House

Patron:         Saint Therese of LisieuxLisieux


Feast Day:2 October
Saint Therese reminds us of the great passion of faith in ourselves and in God. She was known as the little rose, and this symbolises to us the beauty of nature and also our faith and souls.


Lourdes House

Patron:             Saint Bernadette of LourdesLourdes


Feast Day:16 April
Saint Bernadette reminds us of our faith. She was criticised for telling everyone that she saw the Virgin Mary. Because of her conviction, we can remember to keep our heads up, keep our faith strong, and not let adversities stop us.


Siena House

Patron:         Saint Catherine of SienaSiena


Feast Day:29 April
Saint Catherine reminds us of our well-being. She reminds us to take care of our health and help others in recovering. She symbolises good health and the elements of the earth which God created to give us balance.

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