School Regulations

The school regulations at Sacred Heart College are based on the fact that the school is a Christian Community.

Awareness of others is stressed as the basis of harmonious relationships among staff and students. This awareness expresses itself in:

  • Responsible co-operation
  • Consideration for others shown by respect, courtesy and thoughtfulness for the
  • Feelings of others
  • Punctuality

It is essential that we are kept informed as to your daughter’s whereabouts at all times.  By law, we are responsible for your daughter from when she leaves home in the morning until she returns there after school.  We are also required by the Ministry of Education to keep accurate and up to date records on our database.  Please phone and notify the school each day your daughter is absent. If you are unable to phone us on the number provided, please ensure that your daughter brings a note with her on the day that she returns to school.  She should give this to her form teacher.  If you have rung and left a detailed message on each day of her absence, a note is NOTE required.  If we need to clarify anything regarding an absence, we expect the student to arrange a detailed note – we do not use valuable office time to follow up absences except in unusual circumstances.    

If you are intending to travel overseas, you are required to provide a letter of request of absence to the Principal at least 3 weeks before your travel.  However, we understand that sometimes circumstances mean that travel is arranged at the last minute.  In this case, please advise us as soon as possible. 

If your daughter is going to be absent from school
please phone the ABSENCE LINE
587 1777 BEFORE 8.30AM

Leaving school grounds during school hours:
Students who need to leave school for a medical or similar appointment must have a note explaining this on the day. This note MUST be handed in to the office at the BEGINNING of the day (i.e. just before or just after form time). When you are due to leave for your appointment, you must then sign out and back in at the main office. You will be given a pass from school by the office.

Lunch passes are a Year 13 privilege; DO NOT ask your parents/caregivers to write notes or ring in for you to leave school during lunchtime as a refusal may offend. Students need to ensure that they bring lunch or money to purchase food from the school canteen.

Students are expected to attend all timetabled classes and to behave in a manner that allows all students to learn effectively. If a student is not in a timetabled class they must have a note from the teacher concerned. It is a student’s responsibility to let their subject teacher know when they are not going to be in class and to catch up on any work that is missed. 

School Hours: School starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.20pm every day.

School buses operate from Upper Hutt, Stokes Valley, Eastbourne and Wainuiomata. Bus passes are available from the Bus Company. All students using buses are under the leadership of Bus Monitors (Selected from Year 13 students). At 3.20pm students should make their way to their bus and sit in a seat. If your bus is not at the stop please wait in line inside the school grounds. You should follow the instructions of senior students and the duty teacher. Students should remember that they represent the college when they are on the buses and ALL school rules apply including correct uniform. Good manners are expected, especially on public transport services.
School regulations apply not only during school time, but while in school uniform or when students are representing the school.

We encourage our students to wear their uniform with pride and look forward to the continued support of the Sacred Heart community.

Study groups are held in the Library during terms 2 and 3 once a week from 3.30 – 4.30pm. Students will be advised of which day of the week. Teachers are in attendance. Students should bring any work and queries with them. You can check which subject teachers are in attendance or request a teacher at the Deans’ offices. Homework is issued by subject teachers. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they complete homework in full and on time even when they have been absent from school. If homework is not issued students should spend time revising work that has been covered in class.

Students are expected to take pride in their school and to care for its property.
Accidental damage will be repaired by the College; the cost of wilful damage must be met by the parents. All property that the girls own should be clearly marked with the owner’s name. Money or valuables should be handed into the College Office for safe keeping.

As the school cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, parents are advised to insure students’ property against such loss. Each student has a locker and a lock will be issued at the start of the year. The cost of the lock is included in the orientation fee.

All students will be issued with a diary at the start of 2014. The diary is expected to be taken to every class. It includes information about school events and expectations. Parents are encouraged to check their daughter’s diary. The diary is also used for communication between home and school. Please sign your daughter’s diary once a week to indicate that you have seen their diary.

So that classes can operate happily and productively it is necessary for students to be polite, punctual, properly prepared with correct books and equipment, quiet and independent workers except when other behaviour is appropriate, sensitive to others’ rights to speak and be listened to, sufficiently patient to leave further discussion of grievances until the end of the period.

Parents should ensure that the school is made aware of any disability, temporary or permanent, that a student has. Contact the Office or the HOD Learning Support (extn. 245).

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