We have an enthusiastic group of Student Librarians who give up their time to help in the library before school, lunchtimes, and after school. Their duties include assisting with shelving, issuing and returning books, promotional displays, book covering and various other duties as required. This voluntary service can go towards their Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award.

The 2019 Head Student Librarian is Samantha Wallis, who has come into the role with lots of ideas for the year.

This year the library will be running a monthly Poetry Café, Book Club and some arts and crafts groups. 

Library Week is at the start of Term 4 this year, and there will be fun activities for staff and students.  Quidditch Pong (teams of 2), Team Quiz Challenge (teams of 6), Board and Card Game Bonanza, Team Scavenger Hunt (teams of 3) and finally, the Superhero Dress Up Day.

All activities will be in the library at the start of lunchtimes and there will be one activity on every day of the week.

The Week finishes on Friday with the Superhero Dress Up Day.  Spend the day dressed as a recognised Superhero or one of your own creation.  There will be a photo-frame photo shoot at lunchtime to create a superhero display so get together with your ‘super-friends’ and strike a pose for our photographer!

This week ...

Niue Language Week

Aho Gofua, 14 October
First day of Term 4
Summer uniform

- Yr 8 Uniform fittings as booked
3.30pm - Debating Club
7.00pm - PFS Meeting

Aho Ua, 15 October

- Yr 8 uniform fittings as booked
4.00pm -
 Yr 9 & 10 Parent Interviews as booked

Aho Lotu, 16 October

- Yr 8 uniform fittings as booked
1.30pm - Shared Cultural Lunch
3.30pm - Homework Club
3.30pm - Māori Achieve
7.00pm - Yr 10 Drama Production

Aho Tuloto, 17 October

Mufti Day - Dress in your Culture

- Yr 8 uniform fittings as booked
3.30pm - Big Sister Programme
7.00pm - Yr 10 Drama Production

Aho Falaile, 18 October

Mufti Day - Dress in a Culture you Admire

6.00pm - FiaFia Night (PAC)

Aho Faiumu, 19 October

Aho Tapu, 20 October

Mountain Biking - Wainuiomata