The Commerce Department offers courses to students with the aim of equipping them with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to: to participate effectively in our economic world as informed consumers; become successful and ‘sought-after’ future employees or business owners with sound business knowledge and experience; competently manage their own finances or that of a business; and prepare them for success in futu

re tertiary studies in commerce related fields.

Staff:  Lesley Durant (HOD), Ngaira Sewell, Rosna Parkinson, Ruth Gilmore, Alison Spencer

Year 10 Business Studies

This is an introductory course offered as an option for 3 periods a week.

10 Business Studies is designed to prepare students for participation in the New Zealand economy, and also to gain the skills needed to manage their personal means. The course includes an introduction to economics, financial literacy, business, and consumer studies.

Market Day for 10 Business Studies students is a highlight of the year, in which the students form a business to develop, market and sell their own product, and experience practical business ownership skills.



Economics is an option which is offered to Year 11, 12 and 13 students. In most cases, students can start studying Economics at any of these year levels, regardless of whether they have studied it before.

The aim of studying Economics is to understand why and how individuals, groups, communities, and government make decisions with scarce resources. Because Economics draws on current events and issues of concern to students, this subject is especially enjoyable and challenging and allows students to participate more effectively in their daily lives as consumers and workers.

NCEA Level 1 Economics, studied at Year 11, concentrates on the relationship between consumers, producers and the governments, and how these groups interact in the market place.

NCEA Level 2 Economics, studied at Year 12, investigates the issues of employment, inflation, growth, trade, and government policy confronting our economy.

NCEA Level 3 Economics, studied at Year 13, provides students with a clear understanding of the behavior of individual producers and the government in the modern economy.


By studying Accounting the students learn to prepare and use financial information and also to develop an understanding of accounting and its application for households and businesses in New Zealand.

NCEA Level 1 Accounting is an introduction to the basic accounting principles and processes. These are necessary skills for most areas of future employment.
This course aims to develop students’ knowledge, skills and experience to manage the financial affairs of individuals, households, sole owners of businesses, and local community organisations.

NCEA Level 2 Accounting, studied at Year 12, advances their understanding of accounting for a sole owner business. The students also learn how to use the accounting software package MYOB to set up a small business and process transactions.

NCEA Level 3 Accounting introduces the students to partnerships and companies. They analyse a company’s annual report to fully understand what the report is showing.

Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme

The Young Enterprise Scheme is offered as an extracurricular activity to year 12 and 13 students by the department. This involves students working as a team to form their own company and launch their own product onto the market. They present their business plan before a ‘Dragon’s Den’ panel of judges, and endeavor to successfully market their product over the course of the year. This scheme provides an excellent introduction to the world of business and entrepreneurship.

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