Tough Gal Challenge

Sharon Yearsley

Sharon is 34 years old and has been teaching singing both in high schools as an itinerant singing specialist and as a private practitioner for 13 years now.  She has a Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Voice Performance and a Master of Music Therapy (Honours).  

She has performed extensively as a soloist and ensemble member in many operas, and has professionally sung with the NZ Opera Chorus for 11 years.  Sharon worked as a Registered Music Therapist for two years, specialising in adult and adolescent mental health areas such as eating disorders and substance dependence.  Her teaching experience includes teaching mainly singing; but also piano, barbershop groups, choirs, and vocal coaching and musical direction for musicals.  Sharon’s approach to teaching is non-genre specific and is focussed on vocal health and beauty.  

Sharon engages in regular ongoing professional development in vocal pedagogy and is a member of NEWZATS (The NZ Association for Teachers of Singing) and MENZA (Music Education NZ Aotearoa).

This week ...
Summer Tournament Week

Looking ahead ...

Monday, 26 March

6.00pm - Project K Wilderness Adventure Info Meeting in staffroom

Tuesday, 27 March

Mufti Day - Te Omanga Hospice fundraiser
9.00am - Y12 ENG trip
2.45pm - Parent/Teacher Interviews

Wednesday, 28 March

8.45am - Y13 GEO trip
3.30pm - Maori Achieve in A1
3.30pm - Jazz Trip departure
5.30pm - Kapa Haka in PAC
7.00pm - Board of Trustees Meeting in Library

Thursday, 29 March

Holy Thursday
3.30pm - Study/Homework Club (3.30-4.30pm) in Library
3.30pm - Big Sister Programme (3.30-4.30pm) in C2
- Jazz Trip

Friday, 30 March

Good Friday
School is closed today
2.30pm - Jazz Trip returns

Saturday, 31 March

Sunday, 1 April

Daylight Saving finishes

Monday, 2 April

Easter Monday
School is closed today

Tuesday, 3 April

Easter Tuesday
School is closed today