In Drama, there is a strong focus on the development of the key competencies outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum:  Students are given a variety of opportunities to demonstrate self-management, use a variety of language, symbols and texts, to participate and contribute in group tasks and to explore creative thinking.  In this way they are actively encouraged to build their social and co-operative skills, self-confidence and self-esteem, and to establish personal self-assessment and evaluation.

The Drama Curriculum provides both performance and theory pathways for students to experience, appreciate, create and critique artistic expression across a variety of dramatic forms and contexts.

  • Drama is offered as a Full Year Option at Years 10, 12 & 13 and as a Rotational Programme at Year 11
  • Students can also take Speech and Drama lessons within the school

Drama at Sacred Heart College

Drama is central to the shaping of Special Character at Sacred Heart College.  Dramatic presentations take centre stage in worship and religious observance through re-enactments and interpretive scripture presentations, are the focus of the school's Feast Day and the most frequent interface with the wider school community in productions, liturgies and drama competitions such as the O’Shea Shield and Stage Challenge.

Drama also provides students with opportunities to explore their Values through active involvement.  Performances are carried out by students both in class and in front of larger audiences, allowing for the development of personal growth (Mana Tangata) in response to the challenges that performing in front of others provides and the carefully considered contexts that give meaning to the Values our school upholds (Mana Atua).

Through purposeful play, both individual and collaborative, students will discover how to link imagination, thoughts and feelings into real and ‘Values focused’ action (Mana Matauranga). As they work with Drama in a ‘whole person’ education, they will gain a deeper appreciation of their rich cultural heritage (Mana Tipuna) and language and new power to examine attitudes, behaviours and values.

By means of the Drama they create and perform, students reflect on and enrich the cultural life of their school, whanau and community (Mana Whenua).

Teacher:  Rachel Veale

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Friday 24 November

NCEA Exams
- Year 9 Camp
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- NISS Junior Water Polo Championships

Saturday 25 November

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Sunday 26 November

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Monday 27 November

NCEA Exams
8.45am - DOE Silver Training Day

Tuesday 28 November

NCEA Exams
8.45am - Yr 10 SOC Trip
- NISS Junior Volleyball Championships
- CSW Junior Softball Tournament

Wednesday 29 November

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10.00am - Clearance Day Yrs 11, 12, 13
11.00am - 2018 Peer Support Leaders in PAC
7.00pm - Year 8 Information Evening in PAC
- NISS Junior Volleyball Championships

Thursday 30 November

NCEA Exams
- NISS Junior Volleyball Championships

Friday 1 December

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- NZSS Athletics Championships

Saturday 2 December

- NZSS Athletics Championships

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