Silver (Year 11)

Registrations are now open for 2018

Please complete this registration form.

Closing date for registration is 8 December 2017.

Payment Options - this payment form must accompany registration forms.

The cost for the Silver Award programme is $125.

You must be of 14 years old to begin the Award.

Your daughter has started her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award.  She is currently in the process of completing her skill, service and physical recreation components of the Award.

To complete your Silver Award you must complete four (4) Sections of the Award:

(Please click on each of the sections to gain more information)

Please note: Practice journey must take place over 2 nights and 3 days and signed off by the Coordinator BEFORE you go on the expedition. Failure to follow this procedure will mean your practice journey will not be recognised as a completed practice journey.

The time requirements for these Sections are as follows:

Deadline for completion

Please note all awards sections must be completed and submitted to Miss McCarthy by Monday 11 September 2017 to pass your award.

Key Dates


2017 Presentation evening – Wednesday 1 November 2017 at 4.30pm

On successful completion of the Award, your daughter will receive her Silver Award at Presentation evening at the Little Theatre, 2 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt. This is to be attended by participants and Parents/ Guardians.

Silver Training Day

Date:  Monday 27 November 2017

Time: 8.45am - 3.20pm (normal school day times)

Pre-requisites:  Students need to complete a registration form for Silver Duke of Edinburgh, hand this in with the fee to the office by Friday 24 November 2017. Attend all meetings for Silver Training Day.

Outline of the day: Start at school at 8.45am in the gym. The student's tramping pack needs everything in that she requires for a practice expedition ie rain jacket, pants, gloves, beanie, sunhat, sleeping, cooking equipment, tent, lunch, snacks, water bottle etc.  This will be discussed further in a meeting with the students before the training day.

The students will tramp up Te Whiti Riser with their tramping packs and during the day they will do different aspects of training such as First Aid, Map and Navigation techniques, cooking, putting up tents and team work.

The students will be back at school by the end of day to get their buses or transport home.

The students will be accompanied by teachers throughout the day.

For further information please contact: Mr Baxter on


  • Family friends cannot be your assessor.
  • If you are unsure of any of the sections, please check with the Co –ordinator before continuing or The Duke of Edinburgh website
  • Your skill section is a non-physical component of the Award.

Note:  Due to circumstances beyond our control, dates and venues are subject to change. If this does occur you will be informed of the amendment immediately.

Any questions about registration or the Award please contact Katie McCarthy at the school 04-566 1089 ex 247 or by email:

Please keep up to date with information on our Sacred Heart College Duke of Edinburgh Facebook Page


This week ...

Monday, 19 February

School Photos today - individual and class
3.30pm - Senior Netball Trial 2 at SHC Gym

Tuesday, 20 February

12.30pm - Y10 History Trip
5.30pm - Commissioning Mass

Wednesday, 21 February

6.00pm - NCEA Parent Evening

Thursday, 22 February

9.15am - Leadership Mass
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Friday, 23 February

7.00pm - NZ Arts Festival powhiri, Petone waterfront

Saturday, 24 February

- CSW Rowing Champs - McLachlan Shield

Sunday, 25 February

1.45pm - Y10 Netball Trial at Walter Nash Stadium
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- CSW Rowing Champs - McLachlan Shield