Update on Peer Support, Buses and early finish time on Tuesdays

This Tuesday 6th of July was the final session of Peer Support for year 9 students and for year 13 Peer Support leaders. We thank the year 13s for their valuable contributions and acknowledge all the work behind the scenes from Ms Kate Baird who oversees this programme. As of next term, all year levels will be finishing school at the same time on a Tuesday 2.35pm. The other days of the week remain at the 3.20pm finish.

Our planning for Term 3 and 4 Tuesday 2.45pm bus collection was based on the 2015, 2016 structure where the bus companies could accommodate this early finish. Unfortunately they can no longer provide this service. Structural changes mean that Metlink as of 2017 oversee all school bus services provided for Sacred Heart College (with the exception of Eastbourne run by Classic Coaches). As many of our school bus services are linked to other school routes, all bus services other than the Upper Hutt buses will be collecting our students at 3.25 / 3.30pm on a Tuesday afternoon for Terms 3 and 4 2017.

We apologise for the impact that this may have on your family’s Tuesday after school plans for Terms 3 and 4.  Metlink have provided us with alternative collection information should you wish for your student/daughter to catch an earlier bus on a Tuesday. Otherwise all services will depart Sacred Heart College between 3.25 / 3.30pm.

In summary:

  • All school bus services (except Upper Hutt) will depart from Sacred Heart College on a Tuesday for Terms 3 and 4 2017 at 3.25 / 3.30pm.
  • Your daughter/ student may stay on site and work in a provided study space or in the library.
  • Your daughter/ student may walk to catch an alternate service provided by Metlink.

Please see the information Metlink have provided for us to publish to you below:

Sacred Heart College - School bus services

  • Sacred Heart College requested that their school bus services pick up their students at 2:45pm on a Tuesday during Terms 3 and 4.
  • School bus services which serve Sacred Heart College are shared with other local Hutt Valley schools.
  • On Tuesday afternoons the schools who share these bus services with Sacred Heart College require the school bus services at the normal time, around 3:30pm.
  • For this reason Metlink is unable to provide Lower Hutt school services at the earlier time to Sacred Heart College
  • Upper Hutt school services mainly carry only Sacred Heart College students so there is more flexibility and these have been changed to the earlier pick up on Tuesdays for Terms 3 and 4.
  • The current Lower Hutt school services will still stop at Sacred Heart College on Tuesday afternoons at the regular times (around 3:30pm).
  • There are some travel alternatives which students may take; these are outlined in the attached table.
  • For more information please contact Metlink on 0800 801 700 / info@metlink.org.nz.

This week ...

Friday 24 November

NCEA Exams
- Year 9 Camp
- Year 10 Camp
- NISS Junior Water Polo Championships

Saturday 25 November

- NISS Junior Water Polo Championships

Sunday 26 November

- NISS Junior Water Polo Championships
- NISS Junior Volleyball Championships

Looking ahead ...

Monday 27 November

NCEA Exams
8.45am - DOE Silver Training Day

Tuesday 28 November

NCEA Exams
8.45am - Yr 10 SOC Trip
- NISS Junior Volleyball Championships
- CSW Junior Softball Tournament

Wednesday 29 November

NCEA Exams
10.00am - Clearance Day Yrs 11, 12, 13
11.00am - 2018 Peer Support Leaders in PAC
7.00pm - Year 8 Information Evening in PAC
- NISS Junior Volleyball Championships

Thursday 30 November

NCEA Exams
- NISS Junior Volleyball Championships

Friday 1 December

NCEA Exams
- NZSS Athletics Championships

Saturday 2 December

- NZSS Athletics Championships

Sunday 3 December

- DOE Gold Qualifying Expedition