Key points regarding Mission House

Short-Term Plan (the rest of 2017)

  • The timetable has been reworked to maximise occupancy of all teaching spaces.

  • The PAC and Library will be temporarily subdivided with office screens and partitions to form temporary classrooms.

  • The senior common room in Euphrasie will be converted to the staffroom.

  • The admin staff and their facilities will be set up in Fourviere House.

  • The food technology space will shift to use the PAC Kitchen.

  • The PAC will be used for NCEA exams.

  • The senior common room will be relocated to the canteen.

Priority has been given to senior students doing exams to ensure the least possible disruption to their routines. Once the senior students leave in October the pressure on accommodation is reduced.

Medium-Term (2018 – 2019)

  • Six relocatable classrooms are currently being purchased and will be shifted onto the school site in early 2018 for full time teaching use.

  • Plans are being drawn up for additions and alterations to Carroll O’Donovan House and contractor engagement is being fast tracked to enable a new food technology room to be constructed for use in early 2018.

  • Options for the remediation and/or replacement of all or part of Mission House will be explored in the next few months to determine the best outcome to overcome the problems with Mission House.

  • A master planning process will be undertaken with a local architectural practice to explore options for any redevelopment needed to fix or replace Mission House. The students and staff will have an opportunity for input into this process.

  • A "Construction Zone" on the netball courts, accessed from new temporary gates off Hautana Street, will be fenced off and set up to separate construction activities from school activities during the redevelopment process.

This week ...

Friday 20 October

Avila Feast Day

Looking ahead ...

Tokelauan Language Week

Ah Gafua / Monday 23 October
Labour Day
No school today
- CSW 7s Rugby

Aho Lua - Tuesday 24 October
6.00pm - Yr 9 DOE Enrolment Evening in PAC

Aho Lulu - Wednesday 25 October
Mufti Day - RNDM Mission Solidarity
8.45am - 12 Employment Studies Plunket Course in S6
3.30pm - Maori Achieve in A1

Aho Tofi - Thursday 26 October
8.45am - 12 Employment Studies Plunket Course in S6
3.30pm - Study/Homework Club in Library
3.30pm - Big Sister Programme

Aho Falaile - Friday 27 October
Lisieux Feast Day
8.45am - 10 GEO Trip
11.30am - NZCT Cricket Final

Aho Tonai - Saturday 28 October

Aho Ha - Sunday 29 October