Digital Technology

Staff:  Dave Roberts

The use of Computer Technology has become necessary for communication and problem solving and Digital Literacy has become essential for 21st Century Learners. Being Digitally Literate includes being able to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, design and create information. The tools for finding, using and creating information are becoming more and more diverse as time goes on and the level of sophistication of the tools is also on the increase.

Sacred Heart College provides a Digital Technology course that is aimed at developing a wide range of skills so that students can develop their Digital Literacy.

Students have access to a broad range of up-to-date software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Audacity, Scratch and the Microsoft Office Suite. Use of this software enables them to develop their knowledge, skills and competence to create print documents, desktop published documents, websites, animations and illustrations. Students also learn to program and code in Scratch, HTML 5 and Actionscript.

Creativity is encouraged and students are expected to use a broad range of software to combine media when they are creating their outcomes, whether a website, animation or print document. A problem solving and critical thinking approach is encouraged so that students can achieve to the best of their ability.

All students have their own login to the school network where they are able to access relevant software and the internet. Each student has an email account and associated webmail apps that they can access both in and out of school.

Senior students are able to achieve subject endorsement in Digital Technology as both internal and an external standard are offered.

This week ...

Monday 18 September

Senior Exams
- NISS Skiing

Tuesday 19 September

Senior Exams
- NISS Skiing

Wednesday 20 September

Senior Exams
- Nga Manu Korero National Speech Competition

Thursday 21 September

Senior Exams
3.30pm - Study/Homework Club (3.30-4.30pm) E17 / E18
3.30pm - Big Sister Programme (3.30-5.30pm) A2
- Nga Manu Korero National Speech Competition

Friday 22 September

Senior Exams
6.30pm - Yr 12 DOE Gold Practice Tramp
- Nga Manu Korero National Speech Competition

Saturday 23 September

- Yr 12 DOE Gold Practice Tramp
- Evolocity Regional Competition

Sunday 24 September

- Yr 12 DOE Gold Practice Tramp

Note ...

Friday 29 Sept - School finishes at 1.30pm