TRAININGS: Teams to arrange own trainings either during the lunch hour or afterschool.

VENUE: Fraser Park - Games start 4.00pm and 5.00pm

SEASON:  Seniors Term 1, Juniors Terms 1 and 4 played on a Tuesday evening – this is a 3 week competition with 2 games being played per night.

UNIFORM: School PE shirt, black shorts (some teams may be issued playing singlets)

TRANSPORT: Students to make own arrangements


  • CSW Hutt Valley Secondary School Competition
  • CSW Qualifying Tournament – Fraser Park, Lower Hutt (Senior A only) - Thursday 25 February 2016
  • CSW Junior Tournament – Fraser Park, Lower Hutt - Thursday 17 November 2016


This week ...

Niuean Language Week

Aho Falaile, 19 October

1.30pm - Yr 9 Sports Academy (Gym)

Aho Faiumu, 20 October

Aho Tapu, 21 October

Looking ahead ...

Tokelauan Language Week

Aho Gafua, 22 October

Labour Day - School is closed

Aho Lua, 23 October

8.45am - Yr 13 GEO Trip

Aho Lulu, 24 October

3.30pm - Maori Achieve (3.30-4.30pm) A1
3.30pm - Big Sister Programme (3.30-5.00pm) Library
7.00pm - PFS Event - Understanding the Teenage Brain

Aho Tofi, 25 October

8.45am - Yr 12 Employment Studies Plunket Course
4.00pm - Junior Parent Teacher Interviews
Note:  Study/Homework Club cancelled for today

Aho Falaile, 26 October

- Yr 9 Subject Selection closes
1.30pm - Yr 9 Sports Academy (Gym)

Aho Tōnai, 27 October

Aho Ha, 28 October