Sports Academy


The Sacred Heart College Sports Academy has been established to identify and work with high-performing students who we believe have the potential to become elite competitors during their time at Sacred Heart College.

The aim is to improve the skill levels of players at a junior level so that by the time they reach senior level they are significantly advanced.  


  • improved self-confidence and a greater willingness to take risks
  • growth in interpersonal skills and communication
  • perseverance and resilience
  • development of leadership skills
  • a connection between academic and sport achievement
  • Level One Unit standards offered.
    Gemma Woolcock canoeing

The opportunity for identified talented students to train in the hours of daylight, with highly qualified coaches throughout the school year, offers these athletes the time to perfect existing skills and to learn and develop a wider range of new skills.  The students also learn from each other, in an environment that fosters and encourages them to be confident and willing to make mistakes, with the ultimate goal of working towards becoming an elite performer.


To ensure that our elite athletes achieve high performance through:

  • advanced tuition and coaching from highly qualified staff
  • quality coaching programme that reflect the modern game
  • rigorous and competitive training both on the sports field and in the classroom
  • maintaining academic and personal standards that reflect the ethos of the school
  • high expectations of discipline and self-awareness.

Guidelines:  Year 9

The Academy intake is approximately 30 Year 9 students each year.  

The Sports Academy will be lead by a specialist Physical Education teacher in conjunction with High Performance sports coaches.  

Students have two practical periods per week.  These lessons focus on:

  • nutritionSHC Netball
  • mental skills
  • technical skills
  • fitness
  • leadership.
  • nutrition
  • injury prevention / recovery.


Entry to the Programme

Entry into Year 9 will be a selection process using enrolment information and consultation with intermediate schools, and an interview.

Students will be expected to apply for entry into the programme and if accepted will sign a contract.  Failure to follow the contract will result in expulsion from the course.

Selection is not limited to pure sporting talent.  There must be recognition from the students that they uphold standards of academic effort and focus in all subjects.  

All Intermediate students entering high school whether local to the school or not and who wish to perform at an elite level are encouraged to apply.  A separate application form must be completed during the enrolment process.

After Selection

Maintenance of academic standards is a condition of continued involvement in the Sports Academy.  This requires a high degree of motivation and achievement at a level close to each individual's potential.

The student must also represent Sacred Heart College in the code for which she was selected for the Sports Academy.

Full attendance at school is expected.  Academy students are required to have an exemplary pastoral and behavioural record.

Application Form

Link to application form here

Contact Information

Sports Department
Telephone:  04-566 1089

What's on ...

Monday 17 February

- School Photos
- Golf Starts

Tuesday 18 February

Wednesday 19 February

8.45am - CSW Tennis Team Tournament
8.45am - Young Enterprise
1.30pm - Sport Academy Fitness (lunchtime)
3.30pm - Māori Achieve (Atawhai)
3.30pm - Study & Homework Club (Library)

Thursday 20 February

8.45am - Leadership Mass
3.30pm - Big Sister

Friday 21 February

- Caritas Leadership Day

Looking ahead ...

Monday 2 March

Athletics Day - get prepared