Stationery 2019

Stationery lists for 2019 for each year level.  See below for PB Technologies BYOD options.

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

You will be able to print stationery lists and purchase through OfficeMax MySchool HERE.

Recommended BYOD devices

Click HERE to access PB Technologies offers.  The code to unlock special prices at PBTech is SHCL19.

PB Technologies Flyer CLICK  HERE

This week ...

Monday, 18 February

3.30pm - Junior Summer Sport starts
7.00pm - PFS Meeting (Staffroom)

Tuesday, 19 February

- Yr 13 Leadership Retreat
9.00am - Student Coaching Course (Walter Nash)
10.25am - House Meetings
12.00pm - Yr 10 History Trip (Period 4)
3.30pm - Full Cast School Production Rehearsal
- Senior Touch starts

Wednesday, 20 February

Athletic Sports Day
3.30pm - School Production Rehearsal

Thursday, 21 February

2.20pm - Yr 10 History Trip (period 5)
3.30pm -
 Big Sister Programme (Library)
3.30pm - School Production Rehearsal
6.00pm - Parent Information Evening (BOYD/NCEA/Kamar)
- CSW Senior Touch Qualifying Tournament

Friday, 22 February

- Winter Sport and Netball Registration and Fees due today

Saturday, 23 February

- CSW Rowing Champs Wellington Harbour

Sunday, 24 February

10.00am - Parish Mass for Schools (Walter Nash Stadium)