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Year 13 Retreat

Religious Studies

DRS:  Sarah Jane Clifford
DFM: John Chote


Sarah Jane Clifford
Jon Screech


Religious Studies Teachers:

Paula Devery (Assistant HOD)
Anne Davie
Tawai Frost
Rosna Baxter

Liesbet Gavey
Anna Peszynski
Lucy Paul

General aim of Religious Studies (RE)

Religious Studies is a subject that develops the whole person - spiritually, intellectually, morally, emotionally and socially.  As an academic subject students study ethics, religious texts, religious history and world religions with a specific focus on Catholic teaching and practice.  As a spiritual pursuit RE offers a controlled environment in which to explore aspects of Catholic spirituality such as learning different forms of prayer and meditation.  Students will be encouraged to develop skills and attitudes which will enable them to live out Gospel values and be strong advocates of social justice.

Religious Studies is a compulsory course at all year levels.

Year 9 – Course Content

Topics include:  looking at our personal story and the traditions of the school; the life and times of Jesus; creation and co-creation; the beginnings of the Church after the resurrection; the early history of the Catholic Church in New Zealand; and sacraments of initiation in world religions and in Catholic practice in particular.

Year 10 – Course Content

Topics include:  the life journeys of Old and New Testament people, with reflection on the students' own life journeys; the meaning and significance of the Eucharist; the teachings of Jesus; expressions of Catholic life; inspiring men and women; and the Middle Ages.

Year 11 – Course Content

There are four modules of Religious Studies at Year 11 covering:

  • Module 1: The Gospel story;
  • Module 2: The Reformation (includes Ecumenism);
  • Module 3: Conscience and Morality;
  • Module 4: Catholic Beliefs (Trinity, Holy Spirit and more). 

There are two Level 1 Achievement Standards offered to all students at Year 11.

Year 12 – Course Content

There are three 6-credit Level 2 Achievement Standards offered to all students at Year 12.  The units covered are:

  • Christian Art and Architecture (AS 90821);
  • Religions of the World (AS 90823); and
  • Themes in the Bible (AS 91724).

One of the highlights of Year 12 is the Church trip.

Year 13 – Course Content

This is a compulsory course for all Year 13s that covers the set topics well, and with interest. The topics are designed to continue to deepen the students' knowledge of the Catholic Church and the world, and their place and responsibility in both.

The topics covered include: Building Self Esteem; Sects, Cults and New Religious Movements; Bioethics (with an achievement standard offered – AS 90826); Mary - The First Disciple; The Role of Women Through the Ages; and Making Meaning.

Year 13 TAP – Theology and Philosophy – fully assessed academic course

Course content: There are three 6-credit Level 3 Achievement Standards offered: 

  • A study of religious expression in NZ (AS 90825); 
  • Religious versus secular in a comparative study of worldviews (AS 90827); and
  • Analysing meanings in the Bible (AS 91725).

What's on ...

Monday 24 February

10.45am - L2 BIO Rocky Shore Trip
1.30pm - Kapa Haka (PAC)
5.30pm - German Fundraising Meeting

Tuesday 25 February

Shrove Tuesday - Vinnies Fundraiser
8.45am - Music Workshops
8.45am - Special Olympics Athletics Volunteering

Wednesday 26 February

Ash Wednesday
1.30pm - Music Workshops
3.30pm - Māori Achieve (Atawhai)
3.30pm - Study & Homework Club (Library)
7.00pm - Board of Trustees Meeting (Library)
- CSW Senior Touch Qualifying Tournament
- Softball Starts

Thursday 27 February

7.40am - Careers with Coding
8.45am - Music Workshops
8.45am - Sport Academy
3.30pm - Big Sister (Library)

Friday 28 February

Mufti Day & Sausage Sizzle for Relay for Life
8.45am - DOE Silver Qualifying Expedition
1.30am - Music Workshops
- Get prepared for SHC Athletic Sports on Monday

Saturday 29 February

- DOE Silver Qualifying Expedition

Sunday 1 March

- DOE Silver Qualifying Expedition

Looking ahead ...

Monday 2 March

Athletic Sports Day - House Event