Enrolments for Year 9, 2020

Applications for Enrolment

Enrolments for Year 9 in 2020 are now open from Monday 13 May 2019 and close on Monday 1 July 2019.

You will not be able to apply online after Monday 1 July 2019. 

Late enrolment applications will still be accepted.  Forms can be collected from the main office at Sacred Heart College or emailed to you.

If you wish to scan and email your application and supporting documents and forms, please send to college@sacredheartcollege.school.nz.

We appreciate you applying to enrol as soon as possible, and not wait until the interviews.

Enrolment Information Booklet

Enrolment Information Letter

Enrolment Procedure Checklist

Enrolment Interviews

Interviews will be held on 30 July, 31 July, 12 August 2019 from 4.00pm until 6.50pm each day.

Rescheduled interviews are taking place on Monday 12 August 2019.  Please phone the school office to make a time for your interview.

Enrolment applications need to be received before the interviews take place.

Please phone the College office to make your appointment 04-566 1089 option 2.

Open Mornings

Students attending Catholic schools
Please contact your school to find out the date and time you can attend.  The visit will take one hour.

Students attending State schools
Please contact the College on to book a time on one of the open mornings - telephone 04-566 1089.

There will be an opportunity to view the school on the following mornings.  These open mornings are tailored for Year 8 students only. 

The visit will take one hour.

Wednesday 22 May – 9.00am–12 noon (note change of date)

Wednesday 5 June – 9.00am–12 noon

Document Requirements

It is very important to include the correct documentation with your Enrolment Application.

Please include copies of the following documentation with your Enrolment Application form when submitting it.

Catholic Families:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Preference Card from your Parish Priest (example below).  Each Parish has a supply of of Preference Certificates for your use.
    Preference Certificate

For students in Te Awakairangi Parish, Preference Certificates will be signed on:

Wednesday 12 June 2019 and Wednesday 19 June 2019
between the hours of 3.00pm-5.00pm and 6.30pm-7.30pm

Parents/caregivers need to go to the Parish Office next to SS. Peter & Paul's Presbytery, 60 Knights Road between these times. No appointment is required but the baptism certificate of the child or parent has to be available for the priest to view.

Non-Catholic families:

  • Birth Certificate

For students not born in New Zealand (including Australians):

  • Current Passport showing student visa/residency/citizenship status.

This week ...

Niue Language Week

Aho Gofua, 14 October
First day of Term 4
Summer uniform

- Yr 8 Uniform fittings as booked
3.30pm - Debating Club
7.00pm - PFS Meeting

Aho Ua, 15 October

- Yr 8 uniform fittings as booked
4.00pm -
 Yr 9 & 10 Parent Interviews as booked

Aho Lotu, 16 October

- Yr 8 uniform fittings as booked
1.30pm - Shared Cultural Lunch
3.30pm - Homework Club
3.30pm - Māori Achieve
7.00pm - Yr 10 Drama Production

Aho Tuloto, 17 October

Mufti Day - Dress in your Culture

- Yr 8 uniform fittings as booked
3.30pm - Big Sister Programme
7.00pm - Yr 10 Drama Production

Aho Falaile, 18 October

Mufti Day - Dress in a Culture you Admire

6.00pm - FiaFia Night (PAC)

Aho Faiumu, 19 October

Aho Tapu, 20 October

Mountain Biking - Wainuiomata