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Mana Pasifika - Pacific Success

Mana Pasifika - Pacific Success

On Thursday 27 October, Sacred Heart College celebrated its inaugural Mana Pasifika – Pacific Success evening. This celebration was hosted during Tokelau Language Week as a finale event to acknowledge our Pacific students, their families, and the wider school community. 

It was a special evening with past pupils giving back to the college: Tapukitea Vea as MC, and guest speakers Dr. Salainaoloa Wilson-Uili and Zoe So’otaga. The awards were established for Year 9-13 students across six categories that highlighted core Pacific values in the different Pacific languages. 

Congratulations to all our Mana Pasifika prize winners for 2022, especially the six category winners and Mana Pasifika Supreme Award winner.  The students were recognised for their successes and disciplines before a Performing Arts Centre packed with very proud families. 

Fakafetai lahi lele to Ms Taeao, the cultural committee, and the village for a beautiful celebration.

Mateaki Li'oa Diligence Awards
Koe pale ki he fanauako, ngaue malohi, ma'u ako, maau ē teunga ako
Pacific students who have applied themselves consistently to their studies, including punctuality, attendance, uniform, and effort
Nominees - Nevaeh Hetutu-Bahm, Tiana Betham, Sueanna William Ah Ken, Sophie Corbett, Jaylaleiana Leleisiuao, Madden Rei, Ariah Pereira-Masunu, Luisa Taanoa, Sulita Tavita, Hui Lupi, Bettylicia Sa'u, Jayleen Kalolo, Shekinah Sa'u, Tamiya Scott, Sophia Caulfield, Jada Cant, Myracle Tala, Verona Parker, Joelynn Wormington, Selena Vaofusi, Isabella Lologa, Kerstin Leleisiuao, Ta'a Lepou, Sesilia Nei, Jahna Lelei, Lydia Sa'u, Madison Sakalia-Andreasen, Victoria Stowers, Samantha Laga
Premier Award (donated by Failoa Famili Trust) - Lydia Sa'u

Tautua Fa'amaoni Service Awards
O i latou nei ua fa'amanuiaina i le tautua fa'amaoni e ala i 'au'aunaga 'ese'ese i totonu o le a'oga
Pacific students who have served with humility and integrity to the various areas of the school
Nominees - Odette Brown, Aamai Roberts, Bailey Rose Lilley, Leilani Stempa-Gray, Keira Churchward, Bettylicia Sa'u, Chyna Tuiavi'i-Pona, Lourdez Peni, Sesilia Nei, Lydia Sa'u, Destiny Va'a Sila, Dorothea Iputau, Rebecca Sa'u, Amutia Rangihuia Timoteo, June Fepuleai, Samantha Laga, Tylah Lui Pelasio, Iunisi Speedy
Premier Award (donated by Hutt City Council) - Chyna Tuiavi'i-Pona

Tau Fakaveaga He Fakaakoaga Students' Choice School Values Awards
Tau fanau ne fakatumu ke fakakite e tau mahani mo e tau fakaveaga he aoga
Students who have consistently demonstrated our school values - Mana Atua, Mana Tīpuna, Mana Tangata, Mana Whenua, Mana Mātauranga 

Nominees - Alei Sione, Moa Kula, Nevaeh Hetutu-Bahm, Tekafa Lui-Pelasio, Bettylicia Sa'u, Delta Tuleaga Chadwick, Eapeisi Te'o, Jaylaleiana Leleisiuao, Jayleen Kalolo, Mollie Mato, Shekinah Sa'u, Chyna Tuiavi'i-Pona, Cinta Perez-Kolo, Coddina Nanauava, Lourdez Peni, Monalisa Muia'a, Violet Fa'asoa, Emeline Pusa, Jahna Lelei, Kerstin Leleisiuao, Lydia Sa'u, Moala Fifita, Sesilia Nei, Destiny Va'a Sila, Dorothea Iputau, Jemima Harris, Rebecca Sa'u, Samantha Laga, Tylah Lui-Pelasio, Victoria Stowers
Premier Award (donated by Pacific All Stars Initiative and Vibe) - Tylah Lui-Pelasio

Cocovi Ni Lewa Matau Pasifika Navigator Awards
E soli vua na gonevuli lewa matau nona bula ena gauna e sotava kina na dredre kei na vei bolebole eso
Pacific students who have navigated their way through significant challenges
Nominees - Zaya Filipo, Nadene Malaki, Maletina Hughes, Gibeon Pole'o, Ma'ata-Paige Latavao, Sesilia Nei, Dorothea Iputau, Maline Alefosio
Premier Award (donated by Ministry of Social Development) - Sesilia Nei

Arataki'anga Leadership Awards
E 'akairo teia tei akaāri i te tūranga teitei o te tamaiti no runga i te arataki
Pacific students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership
Nominees - Aamai Roberts, Prezley Easthope, Tekafa Lui-Pelasio, Aiymani Taueki, Bettylicia Sa'u, Verona Parker, Chyna Tuiavi'i-Pona, Lourdez Peni, Sesilia Nei, Destiny Va'a Sila, Dorothea Iputau, Rebecca Sa'u, Josephina Lasini, June Fepuleai, Victoria Stowers, Taitafiti Keil, Iunisi Speedy, Tylah Lui-Pelasio
Premier Award (donated by Matagi family) - Rebecca Sa'u

Kaukumete Excellence Awards
Fanau akoga nae tumau te manaia a na hatalaga i vaega uma o te akoga
Pacific students who have consistently achieved excellent results in their chosen fields (eg: Academic/ Sports/ Performing Arts etc)
Nominees - Alei Sione, Tiana Betham, Fanua Rimoni, Riana Le'afa Paki, Isabel To'ia, Ella-Grace Churchward, Jaeda Kassey, Mya Tipene-Tagoai, Jada Cant, Leah Ah Ken, Odelia Vaigafa-Ikenasio, Emeline Pusa, Moala Fifita, Jaden Asiata, Keira Smith, Rebecca Sa'u, Krisha Raju
Premier Award (donated by SHC Tokelau families) - Krisha Raju

Mana Pasifika Supreme Award
This student isn't defined by the smallness of their island but by their greatness of their identity. They are proud of who they are, they display great strength, when faced with challenges and they continue to flourish in their leadership. This student consistently shows resilience, nobility and social solidarity.
Premier Award (donated by Ginny Andersen MP, Roland Daymond, and SHC BOT) - Tylah Lui-Pelasio

Mana Pasifika Supreme Award
Miss Levaea Lia's speech from the Pacific Success Evening:

"Before I talk upon the behind scenes of the Mana Pasifika award. I would like to acknowledge Ms Taeao for all the hard work she has put into making Mana Pasifika happen for all our young Pasifika women who have represented themselves, their family, and the school community. I would also like to acknowledge Uncle Roland Daymond (Te Ati Awa and Ngati Toa Rangatira) – the master mind behind the carving of the Mana Pasifika Supreme award. Shoutout to Aunty Yvonne Daymond for keeping us on our toes and supporting all our ideas to make sure the waka hoe was what we had imagined.

Collaboratively Roland and I designed and carved this waka hoe for the school as a token of our appreciation to all the Pacific queens that are navigating their way through their own journeys, embracing their individual strengths/imperfections, and remain connected with who they are. As young Pasifika women we are a representation not only of ourselves, but also our families, the generations that paved the way before us. So, in the designing process I drew inspiration from my family, my late Grandfather and Nana that is seated in the crowd. It has been an honour to be a part of the design process:

  • We chose the shape of a paddle to show that as Pacific people our ancestors were voyagers, that voyaged across the oceans from island to island and landed here in Aotearoa.
  • The paddle is made from native Totara wood. The totara is prized above all other trees by Māori who use it for making waka, houses, tools, weapons, and musical instruments. Because of its values and special properties, the totara is also a symbol of nobility, chieftainship, and social solidarity. 
  • Pasifika people were travellers that were guided by the tides, the birds, and the stars. The paua shells we see through the centre of the paddle shows the navigation of our people through the Pacific Ocean. Although parted by the ocean and displaying uniqueness. We’ve come together as one nation, in one ocean and one community.
  • The frigate birds interlocked with one another to represent the strength of our communities bound together as one.
  • The leaves surrounding the frigate birds are inspired by the leaves you see on the Sacred Heart College school crest.
  • Each pattern that we can see holds a different cultural value, family memory and tells a unique story for everyone that is gathered here tonight. These patterns represent unity, strength, identity, and family."
“We should not be defined by the smallness of islands, but in the greatness of our oceans. We are the sea; we are the ocean. Oceania is us” – Epeli Hau’ofa.

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