Metlink Fare Changes

Metlink Fare Changes

A message from Metlink:

Metlink is introducing new fares, with new concessions for children and young adults from 1 September, bringing the 'half price fares for all' to an end. You can apply for this concession from 26 August through the Snapper portal.

The new fares were part of the Government’s Budget 2023 announcement, to help alleviate financial burdens on families and make public transport more appealing across New Zealand.   

What's changed for 13–18-year-olds or those still at secondary school?  

  • There is no action required for 13–18-year-olds or older if still at secondary school as a result of the introduction of the new fares and concessions. They will continue to get a 75% discount on the adult fare (known as a Child Fare) on all Metlink services*. 
  • These discounts are automatically loaded onto a Green Snapper card. 
  • Children who are under 13 years of age but attending secondary school are eligible for the Under 13 Free Pass to be loaded onto their Green Snapper card. They can apply for this pass at

*Some exclusions apply (including Metlink on demand services and Te Hunga Whaikaha Total Mobility taxis) and concession discounts are based on the full adult fare with applicable discount during off-peak hours.     

You can also find out the best fare for the rest of your family by using the Fare Selector Tool on the Metlink website.   

Detailed information about the new fares and on how to apply for them can be found on Metlink and Snapper websites. Additional support and assistance is available on 0800 801 700.  

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