Award Finalist

2020 Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award

Year 12 student Geneva King was selected as a finalist for the 2020 Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award for her story The Red Trees.

The award ceremony took place on 8 September at the National Library, with the 11 short-listed students being presented with certificates by guest judge Tina Makereti.

About Geneva’s story Tina said: "A whānau travel from the marae to a nearby beach on the occasion of a tangi to plant a Pōhutukawa tree. This story is full of evocative imagery and aroha for both the places described and the people. The reader's eyes fill with the narrator's vision of her beautiful homeland, the moana, the shore and Taranaki Maunga. The experience of belonging to a particular place, people and culture is vividly described. I love the way we go from sublime views to Dad yelling, "fish and chips!"  But fish and chips are sublime too, I guess!"

The winning and short-listed stories can be read on the Katherine Mansfield website here, along with a quick link to Geneva's story, The Red Trees.

Geneva and Tina are pictured above.

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