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Term 3 Reset and Covid Update

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Important Covid Update

Important Covid Update 8 March 2022

Kia ora parents and caregivers,

As New Zealand navigates Phase 3 of the Omicron response it is likely that we will see more cases and household contacts at Sacred Heart College. We are being affected by this now and our situation has changed rapidly this week . Today, Tuesday 8 March we were faced with 54% of students in attendance.

As the weeks progress, modelling shows that our numbers of absences will increase even further. We are committed to caring for the safety and wellbeing of our staff and students and as such we are preparing for this possibility.

Our Plan:

Starting on Thursday 10 March we will move into Stage 2 of our business continuation plan, the school will remain open and all students will move to on-line learning.

We will be in this mode of working until Friday 25th March – a review will occur on Wednesday 23rd March and any change will be communicated at that point.

As the school will remain open students who can come to school are encouraged to do so. Attendance is not only more beneficial for their learning but also for their health and wellbeing.

Students who either have COVID or are self-isolating as household contacts will continue to work from home on-line until their isolation period ends.

What does on-line learning look like?

For students who are able to come to school:

  1.  All students attending school will follow their timetable as usual.
  2. A teacher will be in class with them.
  3. Online learning is accessible via teams used by the teacher.
  4. Students may be able to access regular learning tasks used by the class e.g. Education Perfect, Science Style site.
  5. Extracurricular activities will continue as scheduled unless informed otherwise.

For students isolating at home:

  1. Teachers at school have been asked to set work in Teams for those students isolating at home.
  2. Teachers will endeavour to respond to any emails within 24 hours, although there may be instances where this is not always possible.
  3. Teachers may also set up a weekly online drop in Q & A session via Teams or use Zoom to allow students to listen/watch the lesson.
  4. Students cannot participate in extracurricular activities

Please continue to report your students absence by calling 04-587 1777, use the school app or email [email protected]

This is a difficult time we are navigating and we appreciate your continued support – take care of each other.

Ngā mihi nui
Maria Potter

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