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Rostering Home of Year Levels

Rostering Home of Year Levels

25 July 2022

Kia ora whānau

Rostering Home of Year Levels

At the moment we are experiencing high staff absences due to illness, and we are struggling to cover all classes with our current pool of relief teachers.

In order to ensure that classes have a teacher in front of them we will be implementing rostering home for one year level per day for Period 5 only.

This rostering home will begin on Wed 27 July and continue until Fri 5 August.

Dates Year Levels are rostered home for Period 5:
Wed 27 July - Yr 9
Thur 28 July - Yr 10
Fri 29 July - Yr 11

Mon 1 Aug - Yr 12
Tue 2 Aug - Yr 13
Wed 3 Aug - Yr 9
Thur 4 Aug - Yr 10
Fri 5 Aug - Yr 11

For the Year Level rostered home:

  • Students can leave school at 1.30pm (or 12.55pm on Tues)
  • Work will be available for students to complete at home via Teams
  • Buses will run from school at the usual time of 3.20pm, students can go to Queensgate to catch earlier buses
  • Supervision will be offered for those needing to remain at school, students need to sign in with SLT at 1.30pm (or 12.55pm if a Tuesday)
  • All after school activities will proceed as normal, at the normal time

Whilst this is not an ideal situation, it will allow us to have most students at school for most of the time.

Thank you for your ongoing support in these challenging times.

Ngā mihi nui
Maria Potter

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