Amnesty International

The Amnesty International group meets regularly to promote awareness of social justice issues. An annual and popular fundraiser for this group is to organise a Quiz Evening to help fund Amnesty International globally. Amnesty provides an important way to take action on human rights, such as writing letters to leaders of countries where prisoners of conscience are being held. Confronting social injustices such as these as a group, is more likely to promote awareness than that of an individual protest.

If you would like to work towards righting wrongs, focusing on injustices and sharing these goals with an international group, you are welcome to come along to one of our lunchtime meetings.

This week ...

Friday, 6 December

- Year 9 Fun Day (finishes at 12.30pm)
Year 10 Camp
- DOE Gold Qualifying Expedition
- NZSS Athletics Champs
12.00pm - World Challenge Gear Check

Saturday, 7 December

- NZSS Athletics Champs

Sunday, 8 December

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