Head of Department:  Richard Hatcliffe
Teachers:  Nikki Payne, Dianne Tennent and Helen Benge

Welcome to the Art Department

As a department we believe that creativity is a vital component of a lifelong learner. It is our aim to develop independent learners by empowering our students to take responsibility for their own learning and to assist them in creating art using both new information and by building on their own prior personal and cultural knowledge.

We encourage our students to think critically and solve problems in creative ways, nurturing a range of transferable life skills which include co-operation, leadership, flexibility and thoughtful risk taking.  We consider that these skills will be crucial in their future lives.

Junior Art

Year 9 Art is a 10 week course that introduces students to developing ideas and practical knowledge using a variety of different art media, processes and procedures.  Practical work will cover a selection from: drawing, painting, printmaking, three dimensions and design.  Students will learn how to communicate, interpret and understand the Visual Arts in context with topics such as:  abstract shapes, organic forms, still life and Pasifika design.

Year 10 Art is an option and students are given opportunities to work in a range of media whilst learning about the conventions of Art. Creative and technical skills are developed through experimentation with art ideas.  Practical work will cover a variety of media, processes and procedures, including drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture and photography.  A three-dimensional activity will be undertaken and basic camera skills and photography conventions will be covered. Year 10 Art enables students to learn how to communicate, interpret and understand the Visual Arts.  This is vital preparation for NCEA Level 1 Visual Art. Topics include: Cubism, flax weaving, landscapes, portraits, sculptural forms and photography.

Senior Art

As students progress into the Senior School, their Art programmes become more individualised.  There is more emphasis on using the work of other artists and experimenting with processes and procedures in consultation with their teacher.

The Level 1 Visual Arts course enables students to further develop their creativity and provides opportunities for them to extend their interests in painting, sculpture and photography.  Students will learn how to generate, develop, refine and modify their own ideas around a theme and teacher directed programme.  Artist models will be researched to understand processes and procedures to assist students in expanding ideas using a range of mixed media.  The course culminates in a two-panel folio external assessment where students demonstrate their ability to generate and develop ideas in making art works.

Level 2 Painting will build on creative processes and techniques that were introduced at Level 1. Students will explore a variety of media and visual elements to develop and express ideas and communicate these in a more personalized program of study. Two internal assessments allow students to identify and generate their own individual ideas.  These ideas and themes are then further explored and developed for the submission of a two-panel external folio.

Level 2 Photography will teach students the conventions of photography and how to develop a series of ideas influenced by established photographic artists as models of best practice.  Students will experiment with processes and procedures and be guided through researching, exploring, generating and clarifying their own ideas.  There will be two internal assessments based around photographic conventions and developing ideas and a two-panel external folio towards the end of the school year.

Level 3 Painting is strongly focused on contemporary painting methods and ideas.  A high level of creativity and personal investment is fostered as the course allows students to further explore their practical knowledge, ability to generate ideas, and their understanding of the conventions and constraints of several forms of painting through a variety of artworks.  Students will generate an individually conceived theme and produce a significant body of original work.  Critical, reflective and creative thinking skills, independent approaches to problem solving and self-directed learning, essential for tertiary study, are promoted and developed.

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