Careers Guidance is offered to all our students to help equip them with skills to make choices that allow them to move along their chosen career pathways when they leave school.

Our goal is to help our students understand themselves, research the options, decide what they want to do, and act on their plan so they can make a smooth transition into the world beyond school.

We currently have a careers teacher (Emma McDonald) who is available to answer questions and support students and whānau in their planning and decision making.  Please feel free to contact Ms McDonald if you want to talk about your options  Ms Emma McDonald.

In this uncertain time, it is important our students develop as many skills as possible to ensure they can compete in the job market.  We offer Year 12 students the opportunity to attend the Trades Academy.  Here they have a taste of trades training and can earn about 40 credits toward their Level 2 NCEA.  This, in turn, can lead to further trades training and apprenticeships.

Where to find information

Careers information and events are available on our Facebook page Sacred Heart College Careers News and on our Year 13 Team.  Events and presentations are also advertised on the school notices and in the school calendar.
Find out further information about tertiary courses, apprenticeships, job profiles and job hunting
Find information about career pathways and youth guarantee scheme
Find some information about working in New Zealand at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Industrial Training Organisations (ITOs) offer a lot of advice and support to young people interested in specific industries. Examples of an ITO is BCITO (Building and Construction ITO) which trains and oversees apprenticeships in their industry,  HITO (hair and beauty), and PITO (primary industries).
On this course learners will identify their strengths and learn how to use their time at university to explore career options and prepare for future job roles. It will help anyone unsure whether university is right for them to identify how to make the most of a degree to better their employability after graduation.
When embarking on tertiary education, money management can be a challenge. MoneyHub is an excellent source of advice and information including information about the scholarships available in New Zealand.

It can be complex and overwhelming to think about the future and what place the student has in it, but we will offer support and encouragement throughout the process.

Mcdonald, Emma
 Ms Emma McDonald

Careers Advisor