Goals of Catholic Schools

The Search for Excellence

The search for Excellence is seen as an integral part of the spiritual quest. Christians are called to seek perfection in all aspects of their lives. In Catholic education, pupils are therefore given the opportunity to develop their talents to the full.

The Uniqueness of the Individual

Within Catholic schools and colleges, each individual is seen as made in God's image and loved by Him. All students are therefore valued and respected as individuals, so that they may be helped to fulfill their unique role in creation.

The Education of the Whole Person

Catholic education is based on the belief that the human and the divine are inseparable. In Catholic schools and colleges, management, organisation, academic and pastoral work, prayer and worship, all aim to prepare young people for their life as Christians in the community.

The Education of All

Their belief in the value of each individual leads Catholic schools and colleges to have the duty to care for the poor and to educate those who are socially, academically, physically or emotionally disadvantaged.

Moral Principles

Catholic education aims to offer young people the experience of life in a community founded on gospel values. In Religious Education in particular, the Church aims to transmit to them the Catholic faith. Both through Religious Education and in the general life of the school, young people are prepared to serve as witnesses to moral and spiritual values in the wider world.

Sacred Heart College is committed to Gospel values, to fairness and to equity.