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SHC Board Election of Student Representative

Nominations are Open

Nominations for the 2021-2022 Student Representative on the Sacred Heart College Board of Trustees are now open.

Nominations close at 12 noon on Thursday 12 August 2021.

Collect your nomination form from the school office or from Mrs Hall's office now.

Do you want to make a different in your school?

Then why not stand for election as the Student Representative on the Sacred Heart College Board?

As a board member, you'll learn new skills, be able to have your say on important issues and make a positive contribution to your school and community.

Find out more about being a Student Representative in this video Student Representative Voice

Giving students an equal voice:  2021 Student Representative Elections

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s foray into politics began with a belief that girls should be able to wear pants. “I ran for the school Board of Trustees because I thought girls should be able to wear pants as their school uniform”, she said in a recently-rediscovered video clip from 2010. 

And now, students across New Zealand have the opportunity to follow in her footsteps by standing for election and voting in the September Student Representative elections.

Standing for election or voting for their student representative is often the first real experience young people have of participating in a democratic process. 

Student representatives have equal standing, voice, accountabilities and voting rights on the board.  There is real value in being able to share their knowledge around the board table and they bring different points of view and experiences, which influences better outcomes for the whole school community.

The idea of being a young person on a school board might seem daunting, but student representatives get plenty of help and support to learn about and fulfil their role. The New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) provides training and learning opportunities, guidance and resources. Many principals and board chairs also take an active interest in supporting students to succeed. 

As well as having a voice on how their school is governed, being a student representative provides valuable, real-world knowledge and experience for students. Just look at what it’s done for Jacinda!

Mrs Delaine Hall
Returning Officer

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