Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sacred Heart College located?
Sacred Heart College is located in the beautiful city of Lower Hutt. We are approximately 20 minutes away from the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington.

When does the school year start?
Schools in New Zealand generally start at the end of January or beginning of February. The school year ends in December. There are 4 terms at school; the first term usually ends in April and you have a two week break, the second term commences in April through to July when you have another two week break and the third term begins in August and ends in October. The fourth and final term starts in October and then ends in late December. Then it is summer holiday which is the longest holiday of the school year, approximately 6 weeks.

What kind of school activities does Sacred Heart College offer?
The College offers a wide range of school activities. There are many sports and cultural clubs to choose from at the school and we encourage all students to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Do I need a visa to study as an international student?
Yes you will need to obtain a visa of some kind before you arrive in New Zealand. Please contact your local Department of Immigration.

What are the entry requirements for Sacred Heart College?
There are no particular entry requirements for Sacred Heart College but we do prefer students who have some basic knowledge of English.

How do I apply?
Please contact the International Director if you wish to study at Sacred Heart College as you will need to complete the application form in the first instance.

What happens when I arrive?
You will be met at the airport by your homestay family and the International Student Manager. There will be an orientation at the school before you begin your classes.

Do I need insurance?
Yes – All international students must have adequate travel and medical insurance to come to a school in New Zealand. The International Manager can assist you in obtaining insurance cover through uni-care or you can get your own insurance.

Do I need to wear a uniform?
If you are here for only a short period of time (up to 2 months) you may wish to wear your uniform from your school overseas. However if you are here for longer you will need to wear the College school uniform. You can hire the uniform for a small fee or you may choose to buy it from the school uniform shop. It costs approximately NZ$850 for a new school uniform or you can hire it for a non-refundable fee of NZ$120.

Can I enrol at any time in the year?
Yes – However, it is best to enrol for the start of each term. Term 4 is not a good term to enter the school if you are a senior student. Our senior students have exams for the last 4 weeks of the year and spend much of Term 4 going over the year’s work.

What if I am not happy in my homestay?
The Homestay Coordinator has tried hard to place you in the best family. All host families have been police vetted and the Homestay Coordinator has visited them at home. However if you are not happy in your current homestay and the situation cannot be resolved we will move you to a new host family. Your happiness is of the utmost importance.

Do I take lunch to school or can I buy lunch at school?
All host families are expected to provide three meals a day for you. Your host mother or father may make your lunch for you or you may be expected to make your own lunch. You can also buy lunch at the school canteen.

How do I get to school?
There are many ways students travel to school. You may be driven by your host parent or you may walk, bike or catch a bus or train.