New Mission House

New Mission House

We are excited to announce that a replacement building for Mission House will be built in 2022.

The two-storey building will have administration and support services for our students on the bottom floor. Which will include counselling rooms, meeting spaces, Deans room and offices for our Senior Leadership team. The new staffroom will also be located on the ground floor.

The second storey will be dedicated to teaching and learning and will also house the library. Designed for current teaching and learning, the new classrooms will be both bright and airy as well as warm and comfortable.  Alongside the classrooms there are breakout spaces for collaborative work, as well as workrooms for staff, and plenty of storage for resources.

The two floors will be connected by a 'social staircase' that doubles as access between floors and a lecture-style teaching space.

We are very excited about this project and will keep you updated on the plan developments as the year progresses.

More images below the video.

View From North West View From North EastView From South East 2 View From South East