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Pō Whakanui - Māori Success 2023

Pō Whakanui - Māori Success 2023

Pō whakanui i o tātou kohine o te manaa tapu o hehu

19 October 2023


The first award Tupuārangi is described as a star that represents gratitude and, appreciation. 

This award goes to a student in recognition of her mahi towards sharing of herself in the work of our tupuna. This student has shared her skills and her time to others.

The students who have shone in this area are: Chrystelle Swan, Maddison Henderson, Peyton Loader, Emila Nowak, Jessica Devery, Danielle Currie, Maeve Elgar, Ruby Burrell, Bailey Rose Liley, Sophie Martin

 Our shining star is Peyton Loader


Our second award is te tohu mo te whetu Waipunarangi.  The star Waipunarangi reminds us that what you give to other comes back to you.  

This award goes to a student in her extraordinary commitment to her Te Reo Māori me ona tikanga. Who shares her knowledge of Mātauranga Māori to make connections with other students. This award is presented to a student who has shone in her work in Te Reo Māori and demonstrated aspects of Tikanga.

The students who have shone for this award are: Arabella King, Aiymani Taueki, Heni-Marama Elliot, Kiana Uriarau, Mackenzie Boyd, Tracey Tupuivao, Harmony Mohi-Elliot, Kelaiah Rahui-Lawton, Hinerautekau Tamatea-Turi Rei, Logan Crawford, Yasmin Holsted-Russo, Mckenzie Coomer, Hinetai Porter-Samuels, Maddison Henderson

The shining star receiving the award Waipunarangi is Tracey Tupuivao


The third award is the Tupuānuku award.  Tupuānuku is linked to Papatūānuku and the produce from the land.

The Tupuānuku award goes to a student who has demonstrated kindness and humility and demonstrates, school values.

The stars for this award are: Jade Hudson, Canon Hakaraia, Aiymani Taueki, Talia Timoteo, Mya Tipene-Tagoai, Prezley Easthope, Kataliya Tamihana, Allysha Swan, Jada Skipper-King, Brooke Morgan, Madi Lee, Hinetai Porter-Samuels, Mya Henare, Ceylan Rangihuna

Our shining star of this award is Jordan Allen


Our fourth award te tohu mo te whetu Hiwa-i-te-rangi is connected to growth and shows promise for the future. 

Hiwa-i-te-rangi is the youngest of all the stars in the cluster so it is fitting this award will go to a young achiever. Someone who has shown great potential in her schoolwork and in everything that she does for her education.

The nominees for this award are: Peighton Galuva’a, Rayner Gilbert, Bella Kilkelly, Jordan Allen, Te Ana Waiariki, Tracey Tupuivao, Madeleine Wilson, Alex Doile, Kelaiah Rahui-Lawton, Meah Brown, Mia Barnes, Rangitiare Graham, Kataliya Tamihana, Kori Hodges, Maia Pikari

The Hine-i-te-rangi award goes to Jordan Allen


The fifth award, Ururangi, is described as a star that represents the hard work that impacts the community health and wellbeing. This award is a recognition of the student's contribution to school Hakinakina and Hau ora. 

This award will go to a student who has represented her kura, whānau, hapu and iwi.

The students who have shone in this category are: Aayla Toman, Maya Iti, Canon Hakaraia, Mya Tipene-Tagoai, Leilani Stempa-Gray, Tamiya Scott, Leah Ah-Ken, Alyssa Aoina, Ella-Grace Churchward, Jaeda Kassey, Acacia Hemera, Paloma King, Riana Le’afa Paki, Jas Mita, Fanua Rimoni, Jada Skipper-King, Brooke Morgan, Taliah Mapakaitolo, Maia Mapakaitolo, Jessica Patea, Marie Winitana-Patelesio, Prezley Easthope, Talia Timoteo

The shining star for this award is Fanua Rimoni


The sixth award is Waitī/Waitā.  These stars are both connected to water. Waitī is the star connected to fresh water that is essential for health and wellbeing and used for all manner of Māori ceremonies. Waitā represents the ocean and sea creatures.

This award is for a student who shows manaakitanga.  She shows kindness, is generous, and hospitable. This student demonstrates the ability to uplift and support others.

The nominees for this award are: Harmony Mohi-Elliot, Acacia Habib, Prezley Easthope, Imogen Waihape, Cyanne Austin-Rowe, Avalon Mildon, Rangitiare Graham, Keylana Asovale, Brooke Fletcher, Alice Hoerara-Hunt

Our shining star for Waitī is Rangitiare Graham


Our seventh award, Pohutukawa, serves as a reminder to reflect on the individuals who have enriched our lives and contributed to our journey. 

Nominees of the Pohutukawa award carry the mana of past pupils into the present, embodying the legacy of those who have walked the school before them. They uphold our school values in every aspect of their school life. These students exemplify the essence of service, always giving back to the school community and nurturing an atmosphere of unity. They carry the torch of those who came before them, lighting the way for generations to come.

The stars of this award are: Jade Hudson, Arabella King, Josie Tapa, Skyla Cribb, Hinerautekau Tamatea-Turi Rei, Peyton Loader

Our shining star is Arabella King


Matariki is our Tuakana Award. 

This award will go to a student who has demonstrated courage, passion, perseverance, and leadership in all things Māori. This Student has been the guiding star, giving her time to lead others with aroha, patience, and strength.

The students who have shone in this category are: 

Our winning star for the Matariki trophy is Hinerautekau Tamatea-Turi Rei


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