Drama is offered as a full year option at Years 10, 11, 12 and 13. More information on drama as a subject can be found in our course information through this link Drama Curriculum.

In past years we have had student directed productions such as "Missing Time" and "Malfunctions of Being Human", which were wonderful.  The students involved worked hard to create interesting pieces that had an impact with everyone who saw them.

The production for 2019, "For Today" was a huge success.   Our Drama and Music departments teamed up with St Bernard's College (SBC), and together we created a great show – and great memories.  The production focused on David, a young man struggling to fit back into his old school, deal with a tragedy from the past…all while trying to get the attention of Sophie, the new girl in school.

The production included classic NZ songs such as "Maybe Tomorrow", "I See Red", "The Gumboot Song", "Anchor Me", "Hine E Hine", "Blue Smoke", "Something Good", "Bursting Through", "Beside You", "Why Does Love Do This To Me?", and of course, "For Today".  Mr Isaacs and Mrs Russell, with Mrs Horner from SBC did a marvelous job on the music, while Miss Veale and Mr Palamo (SBC) had a great time directing the Drama parts.

Overall, the production was wonderful, and we all made new friends and long lasting memories.  It was great to work with everyone from SBC and we look forward to the next one in 2021.