Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is located in Euphrasie House (adjacent to the Performing Arts Centre).

Cash, eftpos, credit card and online banking are accepted.  Online ordering available.  Layby by arrangement only.

Credit card purchases incur a 2% charge on the total payment.

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Usual Opening hours - term time only 

8.00am - 9.00am

Tuesday12.40pm - 1.40pm
2.00pm - 3.00pm

Thursday8.00am - 9.00am
Sacred Heart College Uniform

We encourage students to wear their uniform with pride.  

Full school uniform is to be worn between home and school. This includes a blazer and/or vest in winter, and blazer or shirtsleeves in summer. Jerseys are not to be worn on the street. Your Sacred Heart College uniform is expected to be clean, ironed and mended at all times.

All uniform items should be clearly named in at least one place for easy identification.

Summer uniform is worn during Terms 1 and 4. Winter uniform is worn from the beginning of Term 2 until the end of Term 3.

Regulation blazer. Compulsory for all formal school occasions (Any blazer bought second hand must be of the new style). In winter must be worn to and from school. In summer choose between blazer or shirt sleeves worn to and from school.

Grey checked regulation skirt. Worn on or below the knee.

  • Summer: Regulation white, open-necked, short-sleeved;
  • Winter: Regulation white, long-sleeved

Regulation red with school monogram worn at school only. May be worn under blazer on street.

Year 12-13: Regulation red with school monogram. May be worn on street.

  • Year 9-12: Regulation red tie worn winter only
  • Year 13: Senior grey tie worn all year round

Black tights are compulsory for all formal school occasions and when representing the school.
  • Summer: Ankle-length plain white socks
  • Winter: Black tights or ankle-length plain white socks

  • Summer: Roman sandals, dark brown or black only; or black dress, leather-type lace-ups with white ankle socks
  • Winter: Black dress, leather-type lace-up with black tights or ankle-length plain white socks

  • Optional item
  • Grey regulation

  • Optional item
  • Black

Black regulation SHC PE shorts, regulation SHC PE T-shirt, black tracksuit pants, sneakers, soft bag to put gear in.

The school scarf is the only scarf permitted to be worn. Worn only in winter. Scarves are not to be worn in class.

Plain black jacket. Worn over blazer or shirt to and from school or between classes only.

Plain black only. To be worn to and from school during winter only.

Plain black backpack only.

Jewellery is limited to a watch, cross and chain, or Taonga. Two pairs of small sleepers and/or studs may be worn in earlobes. No other visible jewellery is permitted.

Hair must be tied up in PE, Science, Technology, Art, Food and Nutrition, and all formal occasions. Hair accessories must be black, brown, neutral or burgundy. Exteme hair colours are not permitted.

No make up is to be worn.

No coloured nail polish is permitted on fingers and toes.

Tattoos are to be covered at all times, unless of cultural significance.