Board of Proprietors

Board of Proprietors

Mission Colleges Lower Hutt Trust Board (MCLHTB) is the Proprietor of Sacred Heart College.  

The College was established in 1912 by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM).  On 25 September 1992, RNDM transferred the ownership of the land and buildings comprising the College to the MCLHTB, which became the College's Proprietor from that date.  

As Proprietor, the MCLHTB's role is twofold:

  • MCLHTB has the responsibility to supervise special Catholic character education provided by the College, and to determine what is necessary to preserve and safeguard that special Catholic character.
  • MCLHTB has the responsibility to provide and maintain the land and buildings enabling the College to fully operate as a State integrated secondary school.

Mission Colleges Lower Hutt Trust Board


Ms Irene Newrick (Chairperson)
Mr Terence Bartlett (Secretary/Treasurer)
Mrs Philippa Bartlett
Mr Steve Bryan
Mr Michael McDonnell
Mrs Maria Potter (Principal)
Mr Rowan Southee
Mrs Tanya Wilton
Mr John van Woerkom (School Board Chair)