Student Council

The Student Council is made up of pupil representatives from each level. They organise fundraisers, mufti days, and take action on any student concerns. The Student Council meets fortnightly.


Membership of the Student Council is decided by annual student elections and is composed of:

  • A representative from each Tutor Group in Year 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • Head Student
  • Deputy Head Student
  • Head of Culture
  • Head of Performing Arts
  • Head of Special Character
  • Head of Sport
  • Board of Trustees Student Representative

Qualities needed for Student Council Members:

  • Be approachable
  • Be organised and proactive
  • Be motivated to give service to the school
  • Be an effective communicator and an exceptional listener

Main Functions of the Student Council:

  • To provide a forum for student concerns
  • To provide opportunities for students to initiate and accept responsibility for student-led activities
  • To promote communication between the Year levels
  • To raise funds for projects and charities

Student Council 2023

The following students have been elected to Student Council this year:

Year 9 - Isabelle Mahoney, Lourd Kako, Maya McLay, Pia Holmes, Rithika Ramesh, Rylee-Callayan Roper

Year 10 - Alicia Paaka-Palelei, Anvesha Crystal, Briseis Hopoi, Hinetai Porter-Samuels, Jaja Maulolo, Kayla Little, Maya Christiansen, Narada Geary, Pippa Hookham, Rochelle Ngu, Sabreen Berhane, Sandra Salil, Sueanna William Ah Ken, Tanishka Bandaru, 

Year 11 - Aarna Dahiya, Bettylicia Sa'u, Dishita Shankar, Hayley Winter, Isabelle Doile, Louise Cocker, Maddi Roewen, Oakley MacKenzie, Shirley Dong

Year 12 - Ash Parkin, Ashleigh Manks, Chyna Ivona, Deepika Vijay Rao, Edan Hammington, Katie Zhou, Lourdez Peni, Monalisa Muia'a, Paris Nguyen, Penny Stanfield, Verona Parker

Year 13 - Annie Watson, Lydia Sa'u, Josie Tapa, Hailey Eiya, Gabrielle Cabauatan, Stephanie Portugal, Anisha Puran, Bella Penman, Francesca Cooper, Jahna Lelei, Meesha Kumar, Nancy Falmann, Thea Allena Hernandez