Itinerant & Private Music Tuition

Itinerant & Private Music Tuition
Itinerant Music Tuition

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The Itinerant Music Programme is funded by the Ministry of Education to encourage students to either try or to continue learning an instrument or voice in small groups during the school day. Itinerant means professional teachers travel or itinerate between different schools in the region to deliver lessons in their instruments. Sacred Heart College has six Itinerant music teachers, who each teach up to 4 hours a week at school.

Itinerant music lessons are offered to all students attending Sacred Heart College. 

Group lessons are free of charge.  

Each group lesson has between 2-8 students and runs for half an hour, once a week, during the school day.

Private Music Tuition

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Private music lessons are offered to students attending Sacred Heart College. 

There is a charge of $35 per half hour lesson.

Lessons are offered individually and are tailored to the needs of the student. This personalised tuition gives the students the opportunity to have their musical ability nurtured and developed to the highest level. 

Private music lessons are recommended for students taking Music as a subject option in Years 10-13.

In special circumstances the school can offer some financial support for private music tuition. If required, please contact the Department Head of Performing Arts.

Itinerant and Private Music Tutors:

Rebecca Bourne: violin, viola, cello
Frankie Curac: saxophone, clarinet and flute
Ayrton Foote: private piano
Cath Haley: singing
Georgia Jamieson Emms: private singing
Scott Maynard: bass guitar and double bass
Jacqui Nyman: guitar
Carole Taylor: private piano
Anna Wild: drums